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Unmanned Offshore Guard/Surveillance

The Oversea Guardian is an effective and inexpensive option for guarding important assets offshore.
Easy to deploy and with minimal maintenance.
Intelligent and advanced systems onboard and onshore provide real-time data processing and vessel identification.

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The dynamic option utilises an unmanned surface vehicle (USV) to patrol the required area. Using a hybrid power system to reduce fuel consumption allows for longer endurance while reducing its environmental impact.
This model is ideal for shorter-term guarding options as there are no installation costs reducing the mobilisation costs to minimal levels. However, as diesel is still used, it can’t be used for the long term guarding options where the static model is ideal.


The static oversea guardian option uses a buoy for the long term, stationary guarding projects. Once the buoy is installed, it is 100% renewable using wave power to charge its battery and run it’s sensors allowing it to continue working indefinitely.

This system is ideal for long term projects due to the system requiring installation at its location, however once installed, operational and upkeep costs are far lower than the vessels currently used

Touchscreen Computer

Management – Software/Reporting

Both models are fitted with real-time communication capabilities to allow for onshore control of the systems.

The data is transmitted to the control station via satellite to ensure that communication, control and sensor data is always available to both OMSi and the client.

The operations office will be manned 24 hours a day by offshore personnel with experience on guard vessels. These personnel will monitor the data feed through from the system and will be able to rapidly intervene should the need arise. The onshore team will be able to monitor multiple systems at once to improve efficiency.

The client will be receiving regular operational reports from the Oversea Guardian team in the form of daily and monthly maintenance & operations reports. In addition to these, live camera feeds from the system will also be available to the client if requested.

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